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ELBO’s EMC Test Center provides manufacturers of electronic components and electronic devices with the necessary facilities to certify their products’ compliance as required by European Directives (CE marking) and Military or National Standards.

Tests can be conducted either on the final product or during the design phase (pre-compliance tests). In the later case, hints can be provided in order to remove probable non-compliances.

ELBO’s Electromagnetic Compatibility Center is located in Thessaloniki’s Industrial Estate (Sindos) and utilizes the largest Anechoic Center in Southern Europe, specially designed to accept vehicles and similar large-scale systems in operation.


Anechoic Chamber Specifications

Test frequency range: 10 kHz-18 GHz (according to EN 50147-1, EN 61000-4-3)

Dimensions: 14m x 14m


Tests that can be conducted include:

  • Conducted emissions (CE),
  • Radiated emissions (RE),
  • Conducted susceptibility (CS),
  • Radiated susceptibility (RS),
  • Electrostatic discharges (ESD)

as well as other product-specific tests as required by the relevant standard.


The tests are those required by Military Standards (MIL-STS 461/462, VG etc) or by the Harmonized Standards according to the European Directives:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): 2004/108/EC,
  • Vehicles: 72/245/EEC,
  • Medical Devices: 93/42/EEC,
  • Non-automatic weighing instruments: 90/384/EEC,
  • Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment: 1999/5/EC
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