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Spare Parts Support

To support its clientele in the most effective way, ELVO S.A. has organised warehouses with original spare parts in Athens and Thessaloniki, for all vehicle types manufactured in its facilities and with a range covering even vehicles that have been manufactured up to 30 years ago. A great amount of the spare parts available are manufactured in ELVO’s facilities, whereas there are spare parts manufactured by cooperative Greek companies.

The spare parts are disposed to the clients directly from ELVO’s facilities in Thessaloniki and Athens, as well as through its agent’s network.


Know How

ELVO as manufacturer of vehicles acquires valuable know – how and can provide for the production of genuine spare parts:

  • Full manufacturing drawings and documentations of the product.
  • Clear instructions of machine and thermal treatments.
  • Full documentation of quality assurance control supervised by Military Quality Assurance Committee -3.
  • Precision fixtures of quality control.
  • NATO encoding.


Technical Support

ELVO, in the frame of the after sale technical support of its products to the customer (Hellenic Armed Forces, Organization of Urban Transportation in Athens and  Thessaloniki, etc) has all the necessary means, the specialized personnel, the fully organized and equipped workshops for maintaining and repairing as well as two  well – equipped maintenance depots and warehouses with original spare parts.


Greek Added Value

It is of great significance for ELVO to achieve a high percentage of Greek Added Value, with main goal the development and assimilation of technology in Greece, which results to the self-reliance of the Armed Forces as well as the economical growth of our country.

This effort is not restricted in the manufacturing of integrated parts in its facilities, but it also expands to the support and development of various subcontractors and suppliers.

The constant efforts, mostly in the field of self-reliant technological development and assimilation of know-how, are intended to maximize the Greek Added Value.

ELVO, giving its products Hellenic character, can actually take advantage of the know-how of well known international companies, and provide the Greek Armed Forces with reliable and best quality solutions in vehicles and spare parts, bringing out the nationally important role that a National Defense Industry should possess in the Greek Army.

In its thirty-year long presence, ELVO has evolved to become a point of growth and support of the local industry, mostly in the nationally sensitive area of Northern Greece.

Hundreds of small or medium industries, with thousands of work force, are working to reinforce ELVO’s production in products designated for the Armed Forces, thus contributing in the increase of Greek Added Value (GAV).

By achieving a high GAV in its products, ELVO not only assists the development of Greek Industry and creates employment conditions, but it also has the ability to provide full technical support to the Armed Forces during peace, but most important in periods of crisis.


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